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Relying on the Internet of things technology, estrus monitoring system uses the principle of relativity between the estrus and activity of cows, and uses the Internet of things cloud computing mode to accurately predict estrus cattle, and notifies pastoral personnel through SMS. So that the managers of the pasture can accurately grasp the estrus situation of dairy cows, thereby improving the reproductive efficiency of the pasture and maximizing the benefits.

System characteristics

A. Simple: simple installation, no maintenance;
B. Practical: It is not affected by any external factors and can be monitored 24 hours automatically;
C. Efficient: The rate of estrus exposure is 20 percentage points higher than that of manual estrus detection;
D. Mind saving: No extra attention, automatic alert estrus;
E. Labor saving: Liberate workers without running to the cowshed uninterruptedly;
F. Money Saving: Reasonable price, small investment, high quality and low price.

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