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AirLink- PW  PIR WiFi Cameras Kit
H. 265 1080P Wireless Auto Plug in & Play Integrated kits with PIR, Gas, Siren & motion detection to provide fully protection   APP : NVR Views

● Highly Integrated: Camera with PIR, Gas, Siren & motion detection to provide fully protection

● Support PIR detection to minimize false alerts and provide more accurate alarm

● Support Gas detection to provide warning of possible danger

● Camera With Alarm Siren provide Active forewarning, for your home and shop security

● Wire free. Easy for installation

● Auto Wireless Pairing, plug and play

● Built-in dedicated module, stable Wireless connection

● 4 channel 1080P Wireless Network Video Recorder

● H.265 & Dual-stream video compression

● 4 channel synchronous playback

● Support cloud server

● Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS, iOS and Android Devices

Camera with PIR sensor

Camera with PIR sensor to detect human heat and motion to minimize false alerts and keep you notified of real threats in real time. PIR detection Range: 8 meters

Camera with Gas sensor 

Camera with Gas sensor to detect abnormal gas and provide warning of possible danger.  Gas detection: 300ppm

Camera with Siren sensor

Camera with Siren function to provide loud alarm. Sound alarm triggers when PIR detection / motion detection / gas detection triggered by other cameras in Wifi NVR kit. Siren Alarm: 90- 110 dB

Camera with detect motions sensor

Camera with Normal function, detect motions to improve security level.

Motion detection: 20 meters (65ft)

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