IPQ4019 Wave2.0 2600Mbps

A powerful wireless tri-band wireless motherboard based on Qualcomm IPQ4019+QCA8075 integrates two independent 802.11ac Wave2.0 5G wifi modules and a 2.4G wifi module, supports expansion of a 4G Internet module or standard MiniPCI. -E 1.0/2.0 module. It makes it an ideal platform for quickly launching wireless profiles. 


Designed with 2*2 11AC Wave 2.0 5G x2  and  2*2 11ac Wave2.0 2.4G 2600Mbps, high Power 2.4G 23dBm*2 and 5G 11AC 23dBm*2


High-capacity & high-performance indoor wireless AP or outdoor wireless AP used, support 48V standard PoE as well support 3/4G

Provide Openwrt platform and  Web Uboot


Hardware Technical Specifications    

CPU                               Qualcomm IPQ4019+QCA8075
DDR                              256M
FLASH                          116MB NORFLASH+512MB NAND FLASH

Wireless Protocol         802.11ac Wave2.0; 802.11N 
Frequency                      5G+5G/2.4G


RF power                       5G: 23dB*2; 2.4G: 26dBm*2

Wireless Rate                2600M

Interface                       1000M RJ45 *3     

                                      miniPCI-E*1 (9.0H 52pin MiniPCI-E)     


                                      SIM*1 deck (self-elastic Micro sim)     

                                      SD*1 deck     

                                      GPIO extension     

                                      TTL debug interface

Receive sensitivity        -93dBm

Software                       Support WEB Uboot; Openwrt

Power supply                DC: 9-48V; 15-24V or 48 standard POE power supply (selection of POE power supply) 

Working temperature   -20~+65°C

Working humidity         5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Size                                118 x 115 x 16mm (L x W x H)




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