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AirLink P2P Camera

AirLinkWiFi P2P cameras are designed to be adaptable to the user needs and has many different of uses that can be monitored anytime, anywhere. The network can be as small or as large as customers needs, it can be extended and other systems can be added to the network at any time. Because little infrastructure is required for installation and use, AirLinkWiFi P2P cameras offer a suitable budget than the traditional CCTV.

P2P cameras Benefits

  • Suitable budget

  • High quality image 720P, 1080 P( Optional)

  • Reliable and easy system

  • Support MIC and Audio

  • Free call face to face talking

  • Setting up camera No any driver request

  • Personal cloud storage

  • Remote access

  • WiFi one touch button connected

  • No camera limit

Suitable budget: The system can operate regardless of the size of the network, it is only necessary to purchase the number of cameras that are required or that fit within a specific budget.

High quality image: the data is recorded digitally, therefore the data can be easily reviewed, saved, and has a high level resolution files. The high resolution graphics recorded on an Airlink camera provide clear images for viewing, with a 1.0M 1280x 720, HD 720P output in real-time image resolution and a video Frame Rate of 30fps 1280×720.

Reliable and easy system: The system reacts to commands such as motion and audio detection, a specific event can be programmed to which the system will respond. With the MIC and Audio support the system provides advantage like Free call face to face talking; all of this data can then be recorded and organized as required by the user. With a multi-level user’s management and passwords definition; the system is Built-in Web server, and supports remotely viewing and/or management the camera from a standard Web browser on any computer, anywhere, and at anytime.

Remote access: the cameras are installed over a network, they can be configured to be accessed remotely with WiFi one touch button connected the users can login and view the recorded video at anytime from anywhere. Using the free AirLink web portal or mobile app you can remotely view and control your AirLink P2P camera from any mobile device as it supports Apple series & An-droid smart 3G phone. Setting up the camera No any driver request and has Personal cloud storage.

No camera limit: there is no limit to the number of cameras that can be installed, as long as there is enough of a signal or broadband strength to transmit data, cameras can be installed as needed. Through Scan QR Code you can Auto Login and add a new camera; this not require any physical network infrastructure changes. The Smurf A1, support online simultaneously 16 cameras viewing at the same time in one screen.

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