2.4GHz WiFi / GSM Combo Gateway + 433MHz
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➤ Rustproof sensor.

➤ 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSM Frequency for global use. 

➤ Support 24 wireless zones. 

➤ Five zone types for choose: Normal / Stay / Smart /Emergency / Close Zone .

➤ Store three groups of time arm and disarm function, each group can be customized by week, avoid manual frequent arm and disarm, to realize intelligent automatic control. 

➤ Set 4 groups of alarm phone numbers and 3 groups of SMS phone numbers. 

➤ Voice prompt for all the operations. 

➤ Low battery alert of the accessories. 

➤ Build-in rechargeable battery.  

➤ AC off SMS remind. 

➤ Built-in siren. 

➤ Support wireless siren(433Mhz frequency). 

➤ Wireless learning code, fast and easy to add new accessories. 

➤ Revise zone name.

➤ Door Sensor two-way function.



Technical Specification

  • Model :Air-SHG02 GSM+ WIFI

  • Power Supply DC9V-12V

  • Back-up Battery Polymer battery, 500mA, 7.4V

  • WIFI 2.4G

  • Standby Current <50mA

  • Alarm Current <450mA

  • Receiving frequency 433MHz (±75MHz), PT2262/1.5-4.7MΩ;EV1527/300K

  • Transmitting frequency 433MHz(±75MHz), PT2262/1.5-4.7MΩ;EV1527/300K

  • Siren 85dB

  • GSM Operating Frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz  

  • Casing Materials ABS

  • Operating Conditions: Temperature: -10℃~ +55℃

  • Relative Humidity ≤95%RH(No congelation)

  • Built-in siren loudness 90db (Internal siren)



Standard kit:

1*Alarm Panel.

1*PIR Detector.  

1*A pair of Door Magnetic

2*Remote Control.

1*Power Adapter.

1*User Manual.