We provide one-stop overall solution with our technology  and expertise plus quality assurance so that our customers can more easily obtain more projects and benefits, this is our approach and goal, flexible and innovation is our greatest Where the value is.



      We have two different business lines in same company, one is based at smart solutions, green technology in networking, surveillance and solar power solutions named AIRLINK WIFI NETWORKING CORP.




We provide an easy way to enjoy our products with our individual cloud security server, which means you only need to plug in and play, our devices to enjoy a safest and more convenient life with AirLink WiFi solutions. 










AirLink WiFi Networking Corp. is a Taiwanese Company establish since 2006 as a designer and manufacturer company of RF radio and antennas with 2.4 GHz/5GHz wide area networks of Wi-Fi 802.11 high power devices, providing total solutions for Outdoors & Indoors Hotspots Networks. 


  • 2010 we expanded our product line providing Wireless Internet Cameras security system, developed as an easy plug in and play cloud system solution to take care of our customers family. 


  • In 2013, we entered in the Green DC/AC Energy Power System;  combining solar energy powering and  AC/DC equipment like Indoors & Outdoors AP and IP cameras or CCTV cameras in a stable power 


  • In the same year we developed Access managements gateway/ controllers for our customers to manage their wide site of AP's bandwidth control and traffic management and login portal to create users, radius or vouchers login for guest firewall, VPN and VLAN etc. 

  • In 2014 we developed ac access point ( ac/b/g/n/) 1200Mbps & 733Mbps & MIMO mesh 11abgn 300Mbps outdoor AP.


  • In 2015 We embedded a TV Multimedia Hotel total solution Transforms your Hotel TV into a Powerful Smart TV, Multimedia Device and a Hotel Marketing

  • In 2016 we have done several solar power solution projects located in Japan and other countries
  • In 2017 continue to  2018 we focus developed 4G IP cameras and 4G LTE devices,by end of 2018 to 2020 we are concentrated in smart home IOT and Artificial IOT to make All devices are connected wirelessly
  • In 2021 we develop mmwave cellular 5G and Wifi 6 802.11ax for home or commercial scenarios that require rapid deployment of wired broadband networks and WIFI hotspots.
  • In 2022  this year, we are developing cellular 5G IDU and ODU devices for wide solutions , more of in ZigBee & Bluetooth combo sensors wide range sensors for smart home and smart hotel Check-in solutions.


ABOUT another business line which we offer a range of beauty solutions to fight skin ageing and inflammatand and to promote healthy, young and beautiful look.

website : www.air-beautyspa.com

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