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Wifi Smart DIY Wall Light Switch Socket Module 



1.Easy replace your traditional switch to make it smart remote control, make your exist 2 way switch smart ,just install 1 diy smart switch,suit for EU/UK/US switch box,please comfirm the size before order.


2.Wirelessly control your lights or devices by voice or automation using your Smart Phone and Alexa or Google Assistants.


3.Voltage AC 90-250V 10 amp maximum load DIY Switch Module, it can Control a Wide Range of Lights and Appliances


4.Set up use 2.4GHZ Wi-fi via your mobile phone 2.4G same Networks provides auto connection to the DIY Switch Module without request a HUB.


5.Uses popular"smart life/Tuya"android / ios app allows for Full Control of Your Lights or Compatible Appliances. Multiple Program Options Allow You to Plan the Exact Time to Turn Lights / Fans / Etc. On/Off Automatically   


6.Give your devices the ultimate power on/off smart makeover,Simply Wire this Do-It-Yourself Module between your Device and Power Source to convert most any Compatible Product to a Smart one.



Main Specificaton:


Input Voltage : 90-250V50Hz


Rated current: 10A


Wiring : Live wire and Neutral wire


Max. Load Power : 2300W


WiFi Standard : 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n


App Name : Tuya Smart/Smart Life


Work Life : 100,000 times for operation


Size : ( 0.7 * 1.86 * 2.03 ) inch

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