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The Solar Battery Powered system offers numerous benefits, including a plug-and-play design for easy installation, making it an ideal solution for powering various outdoor devices such as APs, CPEs, and CCTV cameras.

The high-efficiency solar module has an efficiency rate of up to 16.8%, achieved through cutting-edge cell technology and capabilities. It also performs exceptionally well in low light conditions and has a self-clearing, anti-reflective hydrophobic layer that reduces surface dust absorption. This results in a long-lasting and reliable system that can provide power to your devices for extended periods of time.

Installation guide:

Solar-powered CCTV systems can be a great solution for remote locations or areas with no access to a reliable power grid.


Here's a general guide for installing a solar system for CCTV cameras using the AirLink battery system:

  1. Determine your power requirements: Calculate the power consumption of your CCTV cameras and related equipment. This will help you determine the size of the solar panels and batteries you will need.

  2. Choose a suitable location: Select a location for the solar panels that receives maximum sunlight. Ensure that the location is also safe, secure and free from any obstructions that could cast shadows on the panels.

  3. Install the solar panels: Mount the solar panels on a secure structure or pole, facing towards the sun. Make sure to follow all safety guidelines and local regulations.

  4. Connect the cables: Connect the cables from the solar panels to the AirLink battery system. The battery system comes with a built-in charge controller that will regulate the flow of power from the panels to the batteries and prevent overcharging or damage to the batteries.

  5. Connect the DC cable: Connect the DC cable from the AirLink battery system to the CCTV equipment. The AirLink power system converts the DC electricity from the batteries  for use by the CCTV equipment.

  6. Install the CCTV equipment: Mount the cameras and recording equipment in suitable locations, ensuring that they are securely fastened and protected from the elements.

  7. Test the system: Test the solar-powered CCTV system to ensure that all components are working correctly.


It's important to note that installing a solar-powered CCTV system can be a complex process and should be done by a professional installer with experience in solar systems and CCTV installations. Additionally, refer to the AirLink's series instructions for the specific requirements of your AirLink battery system.

solar 40W 20ah.png

S3-20 Solar Panel 40W Battery 20AH


Solar Panel 40W Size 540*450*25mm  

Battery Size : 138*140*95mm

Holder Size : 470*280*30 mm

solar 60W 40AH.PNG

S6-40 Solar Panel 60W Battery 40AH


Solar Panel : 60W Size 670*630*30mm  

Battery Size : 225*138*81mm

Holder Size : 575*330*30 mm

S8-40 Solar Panel 80W Battery 40AH

solar 80W40ah.png


Solar Panel : 80W Size 780*670*30mm  

Battery Size : 225*138*81mm

Holder Size : 575*330*30 mm

S10-50 Solar Panel 100W Battery 50AH

SOLAR 100W.png


Solar Panel : 100W  Size 915*670*30mm  

Battery Size : 320*138*81mm

Holder Size : 660*585*30 mm

S12-60 Solar Panel 120W Battery 60AH

solar 120W 60ah.png


Solar Panel 120W Size 1020*670*30mm  

Battery Size : 320*138*81mm

Holder Size : 660*585*30 mm

S20-100 Solar Panel 200W Battery 100AH

solar 200W100ah.png


Solar Panel : 100W *2 Size 915*670*30mm  

Battery Size : 320*138*81mm

Holder Size : 660*585*30 mm

Surveillance Camera Installation               
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networking airlink logo.png



Solar panel

Peak power(Pmax)                          80W

Peak voltage(Vmp)                           18V

Open circuit voltage                         21.6~22V

Peak power supply                           4.65A

Short circuit power supply               5.17A

Max System Voltage                         1000V DC(IEC)/600V(UL)

WeatherProof Level                          IP 66

Operating temperature                    -40℃~+85℃

Solar controller                                 12V 10A operation temperature -35℃~+55℃


Batteries number                              3 group

Battery type                                       Lithium polymer battery

Battery capacity                                20AH/40AH /50AH/60AH/100AH

Operating voltage                             11.1V~12.6V

Continuous current                          ≤20A

Instantaneous current                      30A

Charging voltage                               12~12.6V

Battery power                                    12.6V (100%) , 12V (90%), 11.5V (80%), 11V (70%), 10.5V(60%),10V (30%), 9.5V (10%), <9.5V ( 0ut)

Recharging current                           0.5~10A

Interface line                                      Discharge: T type / charge: DC type

Cycle life                                             1500 times

Operating temperature                    -20℃~+60℃

Safety                                                 Overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, excessive

                                                            current protection



General specification

Bracket material                                 Iron

Installation                                          Rack mounting


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