Model No. S3-20 Solar Panel 40W Battery 20AH

Model No. S6-20 Solar Panel 60W Battery 20AH

Model No. S6-40 Solar Panel 60W Battery 40AH

Model No. S10-40 Solar Panel 100W Battery 40AH

Model No. S10-60 Solar Panel 100W Battery 60AH

Model No. S12-60 Solar Panel 120W Battery 60AH 



A complete set of solar systems including Solar PV, solar controller, Li-ion batteries and solar holder entire system for plug in and play, an easy install for several devices usage, like outdoor AP, CPE and cameras ( CCTV). The objective of this design is making easier powered entire system

With high efficiency and long lifetime, the solar module efficiency up to 16.8% achieved through advanced cell technology and capabilities. Excellent performance under low light conditions. Self-clearing and anti-reflective, hydrophobic layer with absorption minimal surface dust.



Solar panel

Peak power(Pmax)                          50W

Peak voltage(Vmp)                           18V

Open circuit voltage                         21.6V

Peak power supply                           1.67A

Short circuit power supply               1.83A

Solar cells                                          36PCS monocrystalline silicon(125x41.66mm)

Max System Voltage                         1000V DC(IEC)/600V(UL)

WeatherProof Level                          IP 65

Operating temperature                    -40℃~+85℃

Dimension(mm)                               630x540x18



Batteries number                              3 group

Battery type                                       Lithium polymer battery

Battery capacity                                20800mAH

Operating voltage                             11.1V~12.6V

Continuous current                          ≤20A

Instantaneous current                      30A

Charging voltage                               12~12.6V

Recharging current                           0.5~10A

Interface line                                     Discharge: T type / charge: DC type

Cycle life                                           1000 times

Operating temperature                   -20℃~+60℃

Battery weight                                   1.9kg

Battery size(mm)                              70x100x150

Safety                                                Overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, excessive

                                                           current protection



General specification

Bracket material                                 Iron

Installation                                          Rack mounting

Size(W×D×H)(mm)                            630×220×720

Weight(kg)                                          15.0kg


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