AirLink mini DC & USB UPS uninterrupted power supply series rechargeable Li-ion batteries hold enough energy, to keep your home network equipments , such as  ADSL modem, WiFi wireless router, IP cameras, Hub Electric lock, Access control card machine and so on which is based at ouput power at 5V, 9V  ,12V and 24V.

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Using the Streaming application for Live Streaming

Video stream provided by the camera into the RTMP format,which the online video platform can then easily work with.

AirLink 802.11ac/ax WiFi USB Dongle, 2.5G LAN USB, PCIE wifi card for your desk computer or laptops DIY imporve your devices for internet speed,how fast do you need your internet speed for streaming?

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 AirLink's 4G LTE Industrial Cellular Router Ultrasky4G-OA built in 5 dBi Omni 4G*2 and 2.4GHz*2 for better performance and strong signal outdoor enclosure designed. It is suitable and flexible to use in any suburban areas, public premises, offices, homes, manufacturing , internet of things, power stations and school campuses, a smart solution combo with 802.11ac repeater extending signal and speed make happy in your network.

COMBO MIMO  LTE 4G with WIFI 2.4G & 5G P

Biotech-Based Self-care

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 With no STB to consider,Hospitality TV is a perfect match for all new-built and refurbished hotels


1 SFP Port, 100Base-FX or 1000Base-X dual
mode (auto detection)
IEEE802.3bt PoE++ (60W) 
12~48VDC Terminal Block Power Input 

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